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Courgette noodles (known as zucchini in the U.S.A.) have become a bit of craze since the growth in popularity of grain free diets such as SCD, GAPS and Paleo. But many are disappointed when they try them for the first time. I have often heard people complaining that their courgette noodles don’t work out and any sauce they add ends up a soggy mess. Courgettes are very nutritious but are comprised of 95 per cent water. Depending on the cooking method this can lead to a pool of water at the end of the plate which is –let’s face it, not appetising!


I have tried and testes various cooking methods of courgette noodles and by far the best way is to dehydrate them by cooking them in a cool oven: 120°C fan/ 140°C electric/ gas mark 1/ 275°F for approximately 25-30 minutes. This method draws out the water and makes them taste great paired with a delicious sauce such as my homemade walnut basil pesto. Credit for this cooking method of courgette noodles goes to the late Elaine Gottschall, author of Breaking the Vicious Cycle. What a lady!


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