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We rose early on Saturday morning for two reasons: 1. because we had lots of jobs to do and, 2. because our daughter Ciara doesn’t get the concept of lie-ins! Off we set once again armed with our bowls to pick the last of the season’s blackberries. After my blackberry jam won second place at the Ballymaloe House jam competition last week, I received a few orders from family and friends. It seems everyone was a little skeptical of a refined sugar free jam at first but once it got the stamp of approval from Ballymaloe, everyone wanted in :).


Next it was off to Granny and Grandad’s next door for some apple picking. This is the best time of year to pick the apples so we took full advantage. My mother-in-law is great for knowing these things. I went to pick them last week and she told me it wasn’t time yet. I wonder if you just learn those useful pieces of information when you get older.

country2                                                country3

Deliciously juicy and a vivid green colour, Ciara picked as many as she could carry in her bag. Trying to explain to her that they were cooking apples and too sour to eat like ordinary apples was not an easy task! To get my apple crumble recipe which we made with them click here.

country4                                                                           country5

I have learned the hard way that healing from an autoimmune disease is not achieved through diet alone but that a change in your whole way of life is necessary. For me that means also regular exercise, good quality sleep, relaxation and plenty of daylight. Oh and some tasty apple crumble helps too!

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